visual design services

Good visual design concerns itself with the What, the Who, and the How.  The message, the audience and the mechanics. Which is what we do on the web. Easy, efficient, and delightful user experiences result when project  teams  gather, analyze, and apply user feedback as an integral part of the visual design process. NextLOGiK can help your organization follow a structured and proven process for creating product, application, and website user interfaces. Our experienced designers apply user interface design best practices when developing our client soltuions.

Visual design of a user interface determines the complete look and feel, including the size, shape, color, and detailed position of elements on the screen or page and how the appearance changes with user interaction. Visual design creates attractive user interfaces, supports accurate task flow and successful user performance, and communicates corporate branding.

NextLOGiK’s  visual designers have experience eliciting client preferences and likes/dislikes. Our designers have experience with web applications, enterprise websites, and mobile user interfaces; are comfortable with iterative processes; and are skilled in delivering well annotated Photoshop files for seamless UI development.

Contact us to today to find out how our visual design team can help your company meet its challenges and also look here to see a few examples of what results from our proven approach.

Specific visual design services:

- Logo/Identity development
- User Interface design
- HTML/CSS production
- Video editing
- Flash/jQuery/HTML5 programming