The Flexibility of CompWALK’s Auditing Management Platform

Kirk Couser from NextLOGiK talks about how companies can leverage technology for Compliance Management in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly regulatory environment.

Q: Why did you develop CompWALK?
We saw a majority of companies across many industries struggling to manage regulatory compliance or internal quality assurance issues. And the processes most companies use for this are time-consuming, costly and in some cases manual. Enter CompWALK. We built it to mitigate these challenges with a mobile-ready, web-based solution – a proven audit management system – that helps companies manage compliance faster and more efficiently for better outcomes.

Q: Why manage compliance or quality with CompWALK over similar technologies?
Our Partner company behind CompWALK is COLA, Inc. They’ve been an international leader in technology-based compliance and accreditation solutions since 1988. With the development of CompWALK, COLA is leveraging its expertise and proprietary technologies to meet market demands across a wide range of industries for a more streamlined approach to audit and compliance management programs. And we made the CompWALK platform scalable to meet a range of needs and budgets with price tiers and monthly plans that just make sense.

Q: How can CompWALK help an organization in any industry become more efficient and effective?
We call it the “go-anywhere, ask-anything, track-everything, Audit Management System.” People are empowered to conduct audits, store related files, document issues and track them through to resolution while sharing all that data in real time. It’s compliance… made easier.

“We want to get people out of complex spreadsheets and into a smart, modern, easy-to-use solution.”