NextLOGiK has a track record of successful product development projects through the years of working with our Parent company and their clients.  We never lose sight of our goal to drive top-line growth and bottom-line profits by creating unique and innovative product solutions for our clients that differentiate them from their competition.

So because we’re always thinking of ways to make things better for our clients and for their customers, NextLOGiK determined we could leverage that expertise and take some of our own technology ideas to make some powerful and compelling software applications to share with the world at large.

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CompWALK is a mobile-ready, web-based compliance management system that lets you create and  manage audits, files and provide incident resolution more efficiently than ever before.  It’s a SaaS model solution that can be turned on quickly and adapted easily for an endless number of compliance and auditing scenarios. There are countless ways to use CompWALK across numerous industries.

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Developed for the Clinical Laboratory industry, LabClarity is a helpful cost analysis tool for those labs who want to better understand the cost effect of conducting near patient testing in their facility and then enable those labs to explore various ways in which they can improve the efficiency of their lab testing activities by changing a variety of variables and seeing the real time impact of those decisions on the challenges of running a clinical laboratory business.

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