We are hiring extraordinary developers

About you: You’re an innovative developer looking for a career where you’ll be able to build, to deliver, and to impress. You are passionate about programming and want to change the world. You want to build rich customer experiences, utilizing to the fullest possible extent all the coolest technologies. You want to work on projects that require creative thinking and deep understanding of the problem space. You challenge yourself and others to constantly come up with better solutions. You’re a thought leader, but you don’t just know how to solve the problem, you prove it by building the solution. Last but not the least; you have a high bar for code quality and passion for design and architecture.

About us: We are NextLOGiK, located in Columbia, MD. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of COLA, Inc., an international provider of technology-based compliance and accreditation solutions since 1988.

We deliver comprehensive web services ranging from custom website design, mobile application development and user experience design, to the creation and delivery of complex enterprise web applications. We base our offerings on an understanding of clients’ business requirements and providing dependable solutions. We combine business domain knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner maximizing our clients’ competitive advantage and productivity.

At NextLOGiK: We listen. We listen to challenges. We listen to objectives. With a focus toward e-Learning and audit/compliance processes, we overcome the common marketing and technology obstacles such as uninspired design thinking and the confusion of knowing what our customers want to accomplish but not knowing how to get there.

We innovate. We assimilate challenges and objectives, roll up our sleeves and then provide not just viable solutions but apply inspired thinking to achieve objectives – and more.

We impress. We are not satisfied by simply “getting it done”. Embracing a challenge and delivering a solution on the next level is why we exist.

About us together: We are going to make a difference. Along the way, we’re going to face challenging and interesting problems. We’re going to argue about how to solve them, and we’ll work together to find a solution that is superior to each of the proposals we came in with. We’ll make tough decisions, but we’ll understand why. We will create awesome solutions for our clients on all platforms, including:

* Using Microsoft C# .NET in virtually all capacities, including, but not limited to Windows Services, WinForms, WebForms, WCF, Windows Workflow, Windows Phone, MonoDroid and MonoTouch.

* Utilizing the latest technology found in .NET 4.5, SQL Server 2012 and projects still in beta such as the Immutable Collections, Mobile Azure Services and other solutions to deliver the highest performing solutions today rather than tomorrow.

* Writing scalable software to drive both the demands of today and foreseeing demands of the future with an emphasis on using the best technology for the job in the most efficient manner, never settling for the Quick and Easy Route.

* Writing fully featured solutions no matter the specifications of the device, for instance low memory and/or slow CPU processing and writing efficient code to deliver an instantaneous User Experience to our Clients.

* Utilize 3rd Party Tools such as Telerik’s RadControls Suite or Component One’s Suite to assist with delivering solutions quickly and a consistent experience across all of our projects.

If you believe this is the opportunity for you then email our CEO, Kirk Couser - ceo@nextlogik.com